The big reason why this neighbourhood continues to hold the top spot is that it offers excellent value in a city where real estate prices were so grossly exaggerated by injections of foreign money and money laundering.


Marpole is still transitioning, and it may take another half-decade before the community really comes into its own, but for any buyer looking to buy into a neighbourhood with great value and higher potential for future appreciation, Marpole is the place.


Realtors don’t give this area top marks. The area lacks the personality and character that can be found in surrounding Vancouver West neighbourhoods and, for that reason, it doesn’t feel like a community and it lacks the draw of other areas.


But you’ll pay 25% less for the average priced home in Marpole than a home in surrounding Vancouver West neighbourhoods. Some buyers have already realized that the area offers value; in the last five years, prices have appreciated by 116%.


But unless you really want to be in Vancouver West, the 74% premium to buy a house here, compared to the average price of a Metro Vancouver house, or the 53% premium when compared to the average price of a Greater Vancouver house, may be hard to swallow.